I’m currently only active on Flickr but may post here in the future.

Random Things About Me

I live in Wisconsin with my husband, Mike, and two cats, Floki and Hazel (plus several other cats and dogs in spirit).

Mike and I went vegan together in 2006 and minimalist in 2012.  Both have been incredibly positive changes to our lives.

I grew up surrounded by nature and it made me into the nature geek I am today.  I love to be outdoors and especially adore camping, hiking, and stargazing.  I’m also a big fan of animals and protecting our planet.

I’ve been a bookworm, sticker lover, and have had wanderlust in my veins since I was a child.

Mike and I share a passion for road trips and exploring.  After staying in many different accommodations and owning an Airstream for a few years, we decided that a camper van was the perfect fit for us.  In 2018, we purchased a 4×4 Sportsmobile and couldn’t be happier with it.

I’m not a fan of cities but have a fondness for street art.  Abandoned places also hold a strong allure for me.

I’ve been a shutterbug ever since I received my first camera at ten years old.  I make no claims of greatness and take photos purely for pleasure and to capture moments.

Other than being with Mike, I’m very much a loner.  I’m about as introverted as they come and thrive in solitude.