Welcome to my little corner of the web!

My name is Molly and I live near Lake Michigan in Wisconsin with my husband, Mike, and our three rescue cats- Hazel, Floki, and Ivar (plus several more cats & dogs, in spirit). You can find photos/videos of all our animals here.

Mike and I love to travel and explore together, especially now that we have our camper van, Valkyrie (you can find Q&A about Valkyrie here). We are also huge fans of nature and animals, which is the main reason we went vegan together in 2006. Our vegan journey has been an adventure of it’s own that we’re very thankful we embraced.

Seclusive Nature is named so for two reasons. Both Mike and I are very introverted and feel most ourselves when we’re alone (or together) at home or in nature. It’s also a nod towards the wonderful seclusiveness nature can provide us.

There is no particular topic or theme I stick to (although you’ll see a lot of nature & cats), so you’ll see a variety of posts from me, including my daily life, adventures, tips, product reviews/raves, and random musings. I have no intention of making money off of what I post online and use my sites as creative outlets. Any products I post about are not ads, just simply a product I really like.

I don’t post here (yet), but you can find my photo/video journal on Flickr.

Thanks so much for visiting!